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Woven Rug Moth Proofing Services in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia

Woven Rug Gallery is your ultimate solution for rug moth problems in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. For over two decades, we have been offering guaranteed rug moth proofing services to the homeowners in the area.

Bring in your moth damaged rugs, and we will return them as new. Prior to proofing, we will properly clean your rugs to eliminate any infestation of moths. Once they are moth-free, we will dry them and apply the proofing process to prevent moth infestation.

Procrastinating proofing your rugs promotes spreading of infestation to other rugs and clothes. Act before they invade your home. Call us right away at the first sign of a problem.

Rug Moths

Moths have always been the foe of carpets, rugs, and garments. Wool moths, crickets, carpet beetles are some of the infesting insects that may cause damage to your woven rugs. 

These moths are small, around a centimeter in size, but very destructive. They do not harm your rugs, but they lay their eggs on them. Larvae from those hatched eggs do all the damage. Those white maggots eat out your rug’s fibers making them weak and ugly.

Where Do Rug Moths Accumulated Mostly?

Dark and less visited areas are moths’ favorite places to reside. They are found under the bed, under your carpets and rugs, wardrobe, on your clothes and more. You need to be extra vigilant on those dark and less visited areas of your room.

Why is Professional Rug Moth Proofing Needed?

If you see moths on your rugs, immediate action will help you get rid of them easily. But if they have already accumulated, then you need to call the professionals for mothproofing. This is because moth infestation is not so easy to remove.

Some people say vacuuming works. But that can be effective only and only when moths have just initiated to share the home with you. No matter how hard, how long, and how frequent you vacuum your rugs, once they are accumulated, it is nearly impossible to remove them.

Best Woven Rug Moth Proofing Professionals

There are sprays that kill moths and larvae. However, eggs survive and within a week, you have a whole lot of larvae residing under your bed, carpet, rugs, desk and other places. That is when we, Woven rug Gallery, come to your rescue.

We clean your rugs, vacuum them, and set them to dry. We use cedar chips, Muslin fabric and other rug cleaning agents to clean your rugs in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

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Call us to mothproof your valuable rugs. Dial  412-343-3977. Contact us online.

Cities we cover in Ohio and West Virginia:

  • Cleveland
  • North Canton
  • Canton
  • Akron
  • Toled
  • Columbus
  • Youngstown
  • Wheeling
  • Morgantown
  • Clarksburg
  • Charlestown
  • Marietta

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